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City Pics: Graz

Last weekend I went to Graz, Austria’s second-largest city which is only a 2.5-hour train ride from Vienna. With its compact, walkable downtown as a UNESCO World Heritage site and its mediterranean character, Graz is probably Austria’s most beautiful city and also one of its most vibrant. As the New York Times recently stated, “you…

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City Pics: Brussels (again)

When I recently went to Brussels for a short business trip, I also had the opportunity to (again) explore Belgium’s (Europe’s) capital on a Sunday afternoon. The city that’s famous for chocolate and fries also offers beautiful buildings, a compact, walkable downtown, good public transit and bikeshare systems and many “sticky” streets with loads of…

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City Pics: Walking along Vienna’s Alte Donau

It was a nice and warm (albeit not sunny) winter afternoon today in Vienna. So, I went for a walk along one of my favourite places in Vienna, the lower part of the Alte Donau (Old Danube) river between the two subway stations U2 Donaustadtbrücke and U1 Alte Donau. The beautiful waterside promenade features so…

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City Pics: Stockholm

As I’ve just spent a long weekend in beautiful Stockholm, this City Pics blogpost features some common photo insights into a livable city, in particular green speaces, unique waterfronts, multimodal transport, dense neighborhoods and a vibrant public life, plus plenty of people cycling, walking and pushing their baby strollers. Not to forget a beautiful sunset,…

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City Pics: Istanbul

As I’ve spent last week week at Global Power Shift in Istanbul, I also had the chance to spend some time to explore the city’s impressive Old Town, visit the site of the recent Gezi Park protests and get a small insight into this vibrant and growing place between Europe and Asia. Moreover, a boat…

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City Pics: Portland

As the first destination of our round trip along the US West Coast, I just visited Americas “Bicycle Capital” Portland. Of course, I had to ride a bike along its vast network of bike lanes to experience why the city really deserves this title. Moreover, walkable streets, its new streetcar network and a stunning aerial…

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City Pics: Seattle

Seattle is definitely one of the favorite destinations of Vancouverites for a weekend trip. So, I recently spent a weekend there to enjoy Pike Place Market and to explore the city from the ground (actually even from below thanks to an awesome underground tour) and from above. And, of course, to ride the Monorail! My…

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City Pics: Brussels

Thanks to a green blogger tour to the European Parliament, I recently had the opportunity to visit Brussels. The capital of Belgium impressed me not only because of its delicious chocolate but also with its walkable character and its nice alleys where dozens of people were sitting outside of small cafes. A really charming city…

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