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Walking tour: Vienna’s highly debated Mariahilferstraße

On Friday, I participated in a walking tour along Vienna’s highly debated Mariahilferstraße which was recently turned into a shared space and pedestrian area and will hopefully become a great street for pedestrians and cyclists if the citizens of Vienna’s adjacent 6th and 7th districts vote to make these changes permanent (more on the current…

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Climate Change Adaptation: Austrians are Ready to Act!

Climate change adaptation and mitigation are the two main pillars of effective climate policies. Nevertheless, despite the importance of a comprehensive adaptation strategy for Austria’s tourism and agricultural sectors, large parts of the media and the public ignore this topic. Last year, I participated in a survey on “Climate change adaptation in Austria” conducted by…

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Taking my iPad to the Austrian Parliament…

It was a long journey until my liveblog tomorrow morning from the visitors balcony at the Austrian Parliament. Not because of technical problems but because of the Parliament’s house rules which are apparently from a time when modern citizen journalism, smartphones and tablets weren’t invented. When I was ready to start my first liveblog at…

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