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Walking through Sandleiten, an impressive municipal housing complex

Yesterday, I joined an Instawalk walking tour hosted by TEDxVienna and Instagramers Vienna in Sandleiten, one of Vienna’s most impressive municipal housing complexes in the district of Ottakring. Sandleiten is home to almost 5,000 people which makes it one of Vienna’s largest “Gemeindebau“, as the city’s municipal housing complexes are called. Gemeindebauten like Sandleiten have…

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City Pics: Graz

Last weekend I went to Graz, Austria’s second-largest city which is only a 2.5-hour train ride from Vienna. With its compact, walkable downtown as a UNESCO World Heritage site and its mediterranean character, Graz is probably Austria’s most beautiful city and also one of its most vibrant. As the New York Times recently stated, “you…

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City Pics: Brussels (again)

When I recently went to Brussels for a short business trip, I also had the opportunity to (again) explore Belgium’s (Europe’s) capital on a Sunday afternoon. The city that’s famous for chocolate and fries also offers beautiful buildings, a compact, walkable downtown, good public transit and bikeshare systems and many “sticky” streets with loads of…

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Video Sunday: More from Aspern and Vancouver Cycle Chic

Vancouver Cycle Chic’s beautiful cycling videos were already featured in a recent Video Sunday blogpost. This week, they released the sixth and final short film which I’d also like to share. It features Cora who now works and lives in Hongkong and talks about coming home to Vancouver, especially about the people, the different speed…

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Walking tour: Vienna’s highly debated Mariahilferstraße

On Friday, I participated in a walking tour along Vienna’s highly debated Mariahilferstraße which was recently turned into a shared space and pedestrian area and will hopefully become a great street for pedestrians and cyclists if the citizens of Vienna’s adjacent 6th and 7th districts vote to make these changes permanent (more on the current…

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Video Sunday: Designing better Streets in Winter (#Sneckdown)

In the last few weeks, heavy snowfall made North American cities a paradise for urban planners as snow not only enables us to find pedestrians’ and cyclists’ desire lines but also to realize how much street space is wasted for cars. Inspired by two Streetfilms videos, covered by the BBC and other newssites, used by…

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Great Placemaking brings Life back to Christchurch City Centre

When I recently saw the movie “The Human Scale” on Jan Gehl’s impressive work in cities around the world, I was particularly touched by the scenes from Christchurch and the struggles between people and developers as well as local and national politics on the city’s future after the devastating 2010-11 earthquakes. As we’re approaching the…

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